Composite Antarctic Marine Gazetteer Placedetails

Status Proposed standard Proposed standard
Language Name Name source
EnglishDanco CoastSCAR Composite Gazetteer   
FrenchTerre de DancoSCAR Composite Gazetteer   
SpanishDanco, Costa deSCAR Composite Gazetteer   
SpanishDanco, costaSCAR Composite Gazetteer   
DutchDanco-kustBelgica, de eerste overwintering in Antarctica 1897-1899 / Belgica, the first hibernation in Antarctica 1897-1899   
DutchDanco LandFour maps representing Belgian toponyms in Antarctica   
PlaceType Coast 
Latitude 64° 42' 0" S (-64.7°)  
Longitude 62° 0' 0" W (-62°)  
Source SCAR Composite Gazetteer
Notes Belgica information: Emile Danco was one of the members of the first expedition of the Belgica. He died during that expedition.    
Belgica information: That portion of the west coast of the Antarctic Peninsula between Cape Sterneck and Cape Renard. This coast was explored in Jan. and Feb. of 1898 by the Belgian Antarctic Expedition under Adrien de Gerlache, who named that part of Palmer Peninsula for Lt. Emile Danco, responsible for the geomagnetic observations on the expedition and who died during the expedition on June 5 1898. The name for the land was later restricted to the coast only.    
Part of  Graham Land (Peninsula)  [view hierarchy]   
Part of  Antarctic Peninsula (Peninsula)  [view hierarchy]   
Adjacent to  Southern Ocean (IHO Sea Area)  [view hierarchy]   
in this area (14)
Atyloella magellanica (Stebbing, 1888)
Bovallia gigantea Pfeffer, 1888
Cheirimedon femoratus (Pfeffer, 1888)
Epimeria similis Chevreux, 1912 accepted as Epimeria (Drakepimeria) similis (Chevreux, 1912)
Eusirus microps Walker, 1906
Gondogeneia antarctica (Chevreux, 1906)
Liouvillea oculata Chevreux, 1912
Metopoides sarsi (Pfeffer, 1888)
Paraceradocus miersi (Pfeffer, 1888)
Paradexamine fissicauda Chevreux, 1906
Paramoera edouardi Schellenberg, 1929
Pariphimedia integricauda Chevreux, 1906
Prostebbingia longicornis (Chevreux, 1906)
Waldeckia obesa (Chevreux, 1906) accepted as Charcotia obesa Chevreux, 1906
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