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Zooplankton Abundance Based on Taxa and Life Stages or Size [Zooplankton abundantie gebaseerd op taxa en levensstadia of grootte]
Zooplankton abundance, vertical and horizontal distribution (MOCNESS system), April-June 2001-02, continental margin west of Antarctic Peninsula, GLOBEC.
Contact: Danis, Bruno

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Availability: Creative Commons License This dataset is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Using a Multiple Opening and Closing Nets and Environmental Sensing System (MOCNESS), zooplankton samples were collected at selected depth intervals in the water column. more

Zooplankton samples were screened for a fixed suite of taxa. Depending on the organism, counts were made of life stage or size class. Sampling was conducted in April-June 2001 and 2002. The general sampling area includes: the continental shelf to the west of the Antarctic Peninsula extending from the northern tip of Adelaide Island to the southern portion of Alexander Island, and Marguerite Bay. Ship, Cruise, Dates R/V Laurence M Gould, LMG0104, 2001-04-23 2001-06-06 R/V Laurence M Gould, LMG0203, 2002-04-07 2002-05-21 Abundance/distribution of Euphausiids are reported in the companion data set named krill found on this same referenced web site. See "related url" entry below.

Biology, Biology > Ecology - biodiversity, Biology > Plankton
Marine/Coastal, Abundance, SO-GLOBEC, Zooplankton

Temporal coverage
23 April 2001 - 21 May 2002

Count, Occurrence of biota, Presence of biota

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), moredata manager

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Used in this dataset
Park, T. (1994). Taxonomy and distribution of the marine calanoid copepod family Euchaetidae. Bulletin of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, 29. University of California Press: Berkeley. ISBN 0-520-09802-1. 204 pp., more

Dataset status: Completed
Data type: Data
Data origin: Research: field survey
Metadatarecord created: 2007-04-10
Information last updated: 2019-04-10
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