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British Antarctic Survey Argos satellite tracking data
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Contact: Peat, Helen

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Availability: Creative Commons License This dataset is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Location information derived from ARGOS PTT tracking devices deployed on higher predators since 1990. more

Location information derived from ARGOS PTT tracking devices deployed on higher predators since 1990. These have been deployed on wandering albatrosses, grey headed albatrosses, black browed albatrosses, light-mantled sooty albatrosses, southern giant petrels, northern giant petrels, white-chinned petrels, chinstrap penguins, adelie penguins, macaroni penguins, gentoo penguins and Antarctic Fur seals. The majority of deployments have been made from Bird Island, South Georgia, with some from Signy, South Orkney Islands and some from other locations on South Georgia. Currently all data collected up until April 2004 has been made available, more recent records may be added in the future.

Marine/Coastal, Data, Marine birds, Marine Genomics, Marine mammals, Predators, Tracking, PS, Southern Ocean, Arctocephalus gazella (Peters, 1875), Diomedea exulans Linnaeus, 1758, Eudyptes chrysolophus (Brandt, 1837), Macronectes giganteus (Gmelin, 1789), Macronectes halli Mathews, 1912, Phoebetria palpebrata (Forster, 1785), Procellaria aequinoctialis Linnaeus, 1758, Pygoscelis adeliae (Hombron & Jacquinot, 1841), Pygoscelis antarcticus (Forster, 1781), Pygoscelis papua (Forster, 1781), Thalassarche chrysostoma (Forster, 1785), Thalassarche melanophris (Temminck, 1828)

Geographical coverage
PS, Southern Ocean [Marine Regions]

Temporal coverage
From 25 August 1990 on [In Progress]
Not relevant

Taxonomic coverage
Arctocephalus gazella (Peters, 1875) [WoRMS]
Diomedea exulans Linnaeus, 1758 [WoRMS]
Eudyptes chrysolophus (Brandt, 1837) [WoRMS]
Macronectes giganteus (Gmelin, 1789) [WoRMS]
Macronectes halli Mathews, 1912 [WoRMS]
Phoebetria palpebrata (Forster, 1785) [WoRMS]
Procellaria aequinoctialis Linnaeus, 1758 [WoRMS]
Pygoscelis adeliae (Hombron & Jacquinot, 1841) [WoRMS]
Pygoscelis antarcticus (Forster, 1781) [WoRMS]
Pygoscelis papua (Forster, 1781) [WoRMS]
Thalassarche chrysostoma (Forster, 1785) [WoRMS]
Thalassarche melanophris (Temminck, 1828) [WoRMS]

Presence of biota

Natural Environment Research Council; British Antarctic Survey (BAS), more

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AntOBIS: Antarctic Ocean Biodiversity Information System, more

Dataset status: In Progress
Data type: Data
Data origin: Research: field survey
Metadatarecord created: 2010-10-07
Information last updated: 2010-10-07
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